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Peter Minns is an award-winning director with over 30 years experience.  He made his first film aged 18, a twenty minute documentary on a day in the life of a pop group. It was shown o

In the early years as a BBC film editor he worked with many top Directors including James Cellan-Jones (Roads to Freedom) and the late Richard Marquand (Return of the Jeddhi – Jagged Edge).  

For the life of him, Peter couldn't

remember where he was supposed to meet the crew.


Since then he has directed many award winning programmes including the memorable ‘Chris Patten’s East Meets West’, ‘Victim 0001’ - the 9/11 story of Father Mychal Judge ,  ‘Mad Cows and Englishmen’- the history of BSE, ‘The Empire of Death’- uncovering the origins of death cults with Christopher Lee. '30 Years On… The Birmingham Bombings' and ‘Citizen 2000’- following the lives of 20 children who became 18 in the year 2000.

He achieved notoriety with a revealing profile of Keith Richards in "The Rolling Stones -  20 Years On" which achieved an audience of over 10 million on BBC 2. He produced and directed "Under the Hammer" - the investigation into Sothebys, the worlds most successful auction house, which revealed the illegal trade in antiquities and the smuggling of 'Old Master' paintings from Italy. The scandalous revelations made the front page of every major newspaper in Britain and America and led to the closure of the Antiquities Department as well as an internal investigation which cost Sothebys over three million dollars.

His dramatised productions include ‘A Question of Sleaze- The Neil Hamilton Story’, ‘Death of the Marchioness’ and ‘Memo from Machiavelli’- a contemporary history starring Ian Richardson. Recently, ‘International Sub Rescue’ is the tense and moving story of the Russian mini submarine rescue off the coast of Kamchatka. 

Eventually the woman managed to persuade the film crew they were only waiting for a bus.




Versatile and innovative, his work has encompassed a variety of programmes from the "Empire of Death"- exploring the origin of death cults in Nubia - which included the first use of motion control CGI graphics in a television documentary, to an exposé of the extreme and outrageous behaviour of ladettes enjoying a "Girls Night Out". 

Peter lives in England's 'Hampshire Highlands' where he owns and runs a small farm.


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